School years are all about forming a solid foundation for learning. At Tiny Pearls Kindergarten this long journey of educational experience is given a fine start by understanding and supporting individual needs. The school gives enriching learning experience to young learners by exploring each child’s individuality, his ability to adjust to learning environments and his receptiveness.


Who we are

Our mission is to prepare children to become self-reliant, strong individuals; to teach them to grow intellectually with social and emotional maturity. It is during these first few years that potential vocabulary, math and logic skills are largely determined and emotional stability is greatly affected. By providing the child with all the nutrients during their peak growth, we help to ensure the self-confidence and prosperity of their future.

We plan to adopt contemporary and innovative methods of educating a child. We strive towards upbringing children to be more responsible and develop value based morale to face the challenges of tomorrow.A learning process in every true sense is made worthwhile and rewarding.

What we do

We believe that parents and teachers play a major role in influencing young minds. The support of vibrant dedicated staff with immense energy and love for children helps build a fulfilling environment best suitable for the growth of a complete individual.A comprehensive learning programmed along with significant co-curricular activities inspires students to become successful learners and responsible global citizens.

The well trained and committed staffs, sophisticated therapy units, tidy premises and above all our family atmosphere are conducive to tap the maximum potential in each child.